Sunday, February 14, 2010

Skinny Salsa

Phase II | Day Twenty-one
Weight Lost = 28.2 lbs

Today's challenge is to make "skinny salsa". In many store bought salsas there is hidden sugar and preservatives. While this probably won't last as long, it is going to be much better for us in the long run.

To begin, I skipped weighing the tomatoes (figuring I would weigh it out at each serving) and just grabbed five beautiful, plump Roma tomatoes.

I sliced the tops and bottoms off and cut then into quarters.  To make it a little chunkier I recommend de-seeding the tomatoes. It helps to take a lot of the liquid out.

Then I tossed them into the food processor adding a garlic clove, sea salt, onion powder, chives and good ol' cracked black pepper.

Then I added the final key ingredient - Hatch, New Mexico Green Chili to taste.  Sometimes this is powerful so add slowly!

Viola!  Skinny Salsa!
Add it to an egg white omelet and it adds a nice kick to brunch. Delish!

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