Sunday, May 23, 2010

GAME TIME...Skinny Hot Wings

Phase II | Day 18
Weight Loss: 61.8 lbs

Today I got a hankerin' for some wings.  The sweet taste of that tangy wet sauce countered with the crunch of celery was all I could think about when I woke up this morning.  The problem with wings is not the chicken. Nor is it the celery, which some refer to as a "negative calorie food" (wish chocolate did that).  The challenge really lies in the sauce.  So many sauces are laden with sugars - or worse corn syrup and corn starch - so it's more than just oil or breading that knock these off the list.

We've found a couple of different sauces that work really nicely in either Phase II or Phase III.  For Phase II, this Louisiana hot sauce below is awesome.  We use it on everything from steak to chicken to shrimp to asparagus... basically just about anything.  
So for chicken wings today, I decided to combine a couple of "secret" spices and kick up the volume on these to trick my brain into feeling like I was eating at the corner sports bar.  I started by trimming some lean chicken tenderloins.  These were organic chicken tenderloins from Safeway, which are a little more expensive but after what I've seen in some documentaries lately, the extra couple of bucks are worth it.

I tossed them into a mixing bowl and grabbed some of Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning. 

This seasoning doesn't have any sugar in it and not enough calories to even register so it is perfect for Phase II. Next I tossed the tenderloins in the seasoning and threw it on the grill.

After they grilled I threw them back in another mixing bowl and tossed them again in the Louisiana Hot Sauce. Mmmmmmm, can you smell it yet?

Mmmmmmm!  Delicious and ready for game time (or in my case, the Series Finale of Lost!)

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