Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of ...olives.

Phase II.2 | Day 12
Weight Loss: 56.6 lbs

We are on the second round of the intense part of this diet plan and this time around it is a bit more difficult. Although it feels easier to know what we can and cannot have, and we've taken some liberties with this knowledge, it is important to note that it does seem a bit more difficult to keep my mind from wandering...

The first time we did Phase II, we did not eat out at all.  I prepared my lunch every day and never strayed.  This time around I find myself rarely preparing my lunch but instead grabbing an apple, eyeballing that it is about 5ounces - minus core - and then calculating it from there.

During our first run through Phase II I found most success when I stayed just slightly below the 500 calorie mark so overestimating certain items tends to work well to hit just below that mark.  So far I am losing a good amount this time around so I think this method is working and helping me to remain sane.

I am really looking forward to moving on to Phase III.  What Kelly and I discuss often is the change in our cravings.  We no longer crave that ooie, gooie pizza or fat-laden hamburgers but instead, a bowl of mixed olives, cheese, nuts...these are the things we long for.  That beautiful bowl of olives at Postino is calling my name and just a couple more weeks I will answer.

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