Saturday, May 8, 2010

Watch your toes...pounds are dropping!

Phase II.2 | Day 4
Weight Loss 50.2

I know I've been bad about updating this so I thought I would start with some really good news - the pounds, they are a' droppin' - check out that chart above!!! I hit a huge goal today...50lbs lost!!

Sometimes I don't really believe it myself until I try on a shirt I haven't worn in a year or slip on those jeans that used to take the jaws of life to get out of (not to mention what it took to get into them). It is an amazing feeling to wear clothes that actually fit!

Speaking of clothes, we just dumped a huge load of clothes off at our local donation center.  We went through our closets and tried on just about everything.  It was great to go through and see what fit, what didn't and both those items that we were glad were returning to our wardrobe and those we were saying good bye to.

Now the only problem is finding the time to go buy new clothes...but what a great problem to have.☺

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