Friday, January 29, 2010

Breakfast For Dinner

Phase II | Day Five
Weight Loss: 13.8 lbs

So after a very busy day at work I came home to the comforting smell of bouillon being made. It seems as if my beloved has caught the cooking bug so tomorrow for lunch we are planning on homemade chicken and celery soup. How delicious does that sound? Pretty delicious when most of the meals lately haven't been even close to being able to be labeled "comfort food".

Usually I am a "little bit of coffee with my cream" kinda gal so I have been very hesitant to try any sort of black coffee. This afternoon I treated myself to an Americano and boy did it add some pep to my step! To my surprise I really liked it! This weekend I am going to buy an Italian Espresso maker so I can try and work that into my morning routine. I think it will do wonders for my productivity during the first few hours of the day.

For lunch I had my delicious shrimp and spinach salad with lemon juice dressing. It really is becoming one of my favorites. Good flavor and easy to pack and take to work.

For dinner we had one of my favorite things in the world - breakfast for dinner! We figured out that 5 oz. of egg whites can be substituted as a protein (for 150 calories) so we decided to make omelets.

I sliced up a beefsteak tomato, weighed it, then took one slice and diced it to add to the egg whites. I tossed in a minced garlic clove and some pepper, sea salt, etc.  For my vegetable I used the remaining slices of tomato as my vegetable and added salt and pepper. It was just like I was sitting in a New York diner across from my best friend Jewie while he ate his omelet with spinach and extra feta. Yum!

So far I have lost 13 lbs! It is already showing in my pants especially around my waste. The sacrifice and dedication is paying off. I am very pleased with the results so far!

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